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Auraxis offers ROBLOX development jobs, both commissions and long term projects. We will only offer payment in USD, preferably through PayPal. 

Available Jobs
Adeptus Auraxis
- Scripter
- Architect
- 3D Modeler


- Clothing/Uniforms

Contact deviaze on our Discord server for more information.


blender example.png

3D Modeling - Blender

As a 3D modeler for IFA, you will make items, weapons, vehicles, and other low poly meshes for Red At Dawn or other IFA experiences. 

We generally use a low poly style with ROBLOX default materials (every color/material is uploaded as a separate MeshPart), however if you are experienced at UV unwrapping and texturing, your expertise in those fields will be appreciated.

$10 - 30 USD / commission

building example.png

Architect - Roblox Studio

IFA Architects or Builders are tasked with building beautiful & functional designs for IFA experiences with stable increments and little lag.


Project sizes could include anything from a 1 building 50x50 stud commission to a small town with multiple unique building types.



$15 - 300 USD / commission

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